France Part 1

Sooo, even though it was like last month, I’m still going to share the fact the I went to France, and it was good!
It feels like yesterday that I went anyway, that counts right?!

I went to France on two accounts, to do a favour for friends and to catch up with very special people.

I hopped on a ferry and in no time was bombing down the french motorways in kilometres per hour as opposed to miles per hour (very confusing and requires quick maths, super quick depending on your speed).

Several hours later I had arrived at my destination. The sun was shining and the temperature was up in the twenties! Bonus since I’d just come from a wet, cold Britain.

After a shower and power nap I was ready to settle into the evening with good food and great company. I had been pretty strict about my diet before coming, but you can’t go to France and not eat bread and cheese, it must be against the law or something! So, naturally I filled my boots quite happily!

Speaking of boots, I met another friend out there who also responds said name. We became close although sometimes I would question his motives…

We were absolutely spoilt by the hosts! Four courses later I felt as if I was in heaven.

I went to bed that evening like a kid at Christmas, exited for what the next day would bring.

The following morning I bathed in the sun and did a glorious amount of nothing.

Then for dinner we headed to a recommendation in a nearby rural french village, called Le P’tit Varsois at route de Montignac.

And oh my gosh the food…

Off my diet, I went for the house burger. The meat literally melted in my mouth. It was local beef that tasted amazing. It was then smothered in the best Roquefort sauce I’ve ever tasted! The frites were home made and I can safely say not an ounce of this bad boy was wasted.

Between our hosts and my father we sampled king prawns, and the most gorgeous, massive, tender, juicy steak!

Full to bursting point but still always having room for dessert, I asked one of our friends to randomly pick a dessert for me. He picked well. This ice cream bomb had chunks of chocolate, nutty bits and creamy-ness all included. Suddenly my fullness was just a distant memory and my spoon was poised to demolish!

Full to bursting, I rolled out of the restaurant into french rural-ness and danced about (a tad merry) in the street just because I could.

I could see this short stay being one of the best yet! I used to visit our friends when I was a child, and had some of the best holiday memories there. It was literally the best feeling to go back all grown up and fully appreciate all the things I remember. More fun, as I anticipated was just around the corner!